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blue and white beach towel

Beach Towel vs Bath Towel: What Should You Know?

Beach towel vs bath towel: Do you know the differences between them except for colors? Although a towel is just a towel for some, there are more to consider especially thinking about the beach towel vs. bath towel.

If you remember one of our previous guides about the differences between bath sheet and bath towels, you know the latter is smaller and more usable. When it comes to the beach towel and bath towel, you can come across distinct features. So what is the difference?

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You already know there are differences between a beach towel and a bath towel. Fundamentally, a towel is used for many purposes having many types. For example, a hand towel is different from a face towel or a kitchen towel from a bath towel.

What makes a beach towel is distinct, of course, its design, but there are other technical aspects that make beach towels, unlike bath ones. If you are ready, get ready to learn beach towel vs bath towel!

1. Dimensions

You should know size matters. The most noticeable difference between a beach towel and a bath towel is, for sure, size. You can quickly notice that beach towels are bigger and longer than bath towels if you observe. The reason is that beach towels have more purposes of use such as accessories on the beach or lying on the sand.

If you get more technical details, this is how things go: A standard beach towel will be at least 30” x 60”, and around 40” x 70” even bigger than this, yet bath towels usually range from 27” x 52” to 30” by 60”. However, you should know that the towels are various in size. Their size directly depends on the purpose of use.

You can also read our article, Towel Sizes: Visuals, Dimensions and Usage Areas, if you get more details about towel sizes.

2. Appearance and Style

white bath towels

If there is a competition, beach towels win the bath towel vs the beach towel. Surely, beach towels are more attractive in style because you use them outside rather than at home! They are designed with various patterns, graphics, colors such as robesNmore Cabana Beach Towels to grab the attention of the beaches.

On the other hand, a bath towel is mostly more minor patterns and solid colors matching bathroom decorations such as beige, monochrome, or rich white bath towels. This is because while beach towels are summer, bath towels are all year.

3. Resilience

Obviously, both towels have the same characteristics, absorbing water from the body. But, beach towels have quite more roles than it as they are the savior of the whole summer.

We mentioned that you could lay down on the sand by using beach towels, dry your body, and create fashion during summer vacation without washing them for weeks. However, they absorb salty seawater, sand particles, sunscreen cream, etc. Thus, beach towels need to be more resilient than bath ones with specific properties.

In fact, one of the best materials for beach towels is Turkish cotton or linen due to its quick absorption. Even for the bath towels, beach towels should be a “quick dry” feature than bath ones, which allows them to dry fast.

4. Thickness

white and blue beach towels in bag

Actually, thickness is better for bath towels compared to beach towels. In other words, beach towels are much and should be thinner because;

  • you carry beach towels around in your beach bag rather than keep them home,
  • mostly wear it during your whole summer vacation as an accessory,
  • you use beach towels as a blanket to sit on the sand.

Beach towels are not designed after a hot shower since they don’t get wet quickly like a bath towel. A bath towel can be thick and take hours to dry because you probably will use it once a day. Yet, beach towels are thinner to carry and dry fast quickly. So, it is better for beach towels to be thinner and quick dry as they are generally used more than once a day.

5. Two Sides

Another critical difference is the sides. Well, a towel has two sides, but a beach towel is not necessarily the same on both sides. In other words, beach towels have two sides: While a bath towel is the same on both sides, a beach towel is designed with one side for sand and the other for your body. The sand side is non-absorbent and veloured, but the body side is smoother and provides moisturization to keep you dry.

This article covered the question: what are the differences between a beach towel and a bath towel. We hope that the content is helpful for you.

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