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a woman who is uncomfortable because of the bad smell of towels in the laundry basket in front of the washing machine

Do You Know How to Get Smell Out of Towels?

Have you ever seen your towels, which come into direct contact with your skin, smell bad? And we're talking about your immaculate, newly washed towels smelling like mold. Yeah, you read it right. Unfortunately, your towels may smell bad even if you wash them often. It doesn't matter if it’s a bath towel, beach towel, hand towel, or washcloth. So how do you know how to get smell out of towels? Should you get new towels every time?

Luckily, you don't have to buy new towels every time to get rid of these bad smells. You can get rid of the bad smells on your towels more easily than you think by taking advantage of the tips that towel expert robesNmore has brought together for you.

How to Get Smell Out of Towels in 2 Ways!

white towels standing on the wooden surface and in front of the bath tube

As with all woven products that remain moist for a long time, germs cause your towels to smell bad. Because humidity and warm environments are very suitable for the formation of water mold and bacteria, if you do not dry your towels correctly, you may cause mold growth. In other words, leaving your towels in a warm environment after using or washing them will cause it to smell moldy.

From here, it is best to hang your towel, which you use to dry after washing your face or taking a shower by hanging it in a moisture-free environment. Likewise, after washing your towels, it will be useful to hang them in a non-humid environment or not to leave them in the dryer for too long. So how to get smell out of your towels that are smelling bad currently?

Besides, you can learn the ideal frequency of washing towels if you read our other content, which is titled Pay Attention: How Often Should You Wash Towels?

1. Use A Vinegar And A Baking Soda

a bottle of vinegar and a jar of baking soda as an answer to haw to get smell out of towels

Vinegar, the pioneer of cleanliness that creates miraculous results in many ways, is, of course, the perfect solution to get rid of the bad smells in your towels. When you use vinegar together with a baking soda, no bacteria will stand in your way.

Accordingly, after placing your smelly towels in the washing machine, add some vinegar to the detergent compartment of the machine and switch on the machine. After the washing, add a small amount of baking soda on your laundry and restart your machine. After this is also done, hang your towels on the laundry hanger or dry them in the dryer.

2. Use A Lemon Oil And A Salt

An half lemon and a bottle of lemon oilAnother way to save your towels from bad smells is to use lemon oil and salt. Mix two tablespoons of salt and fifteen drops of lemon oil in a bowl and add five glasses of water over the mixture. Pour this mixture over the towels you have filled into a bucket and leave your towels like this for a while. Then you can wash the towels that you squeeze thoroughly.

Now you know how to get smell out of towels. If you know more about washing towels properly, you can take a look at our other content, which is titled All Details as an Extensive Guide: How to Wash Towels?

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