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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist With Tips

Although it is a part of general house cleaning, the hygiene of the bathroom, which requires a different cleaning approach than other areas of the house, is extremely critical for the health of your family.

Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Just because your bathroom isn't messy doesn't mean it's clean. That's why we need to tell you that you often have to clean your bathroom as you can. In addition, it is beneficial for people who do not hinder bathroom cleaning to take a look at our bathroom cleaning checklist. So they can check if something is missing and make sure their bathroom is always clean.

If you are ready for your bathroom cleaning marathon, we can start the steps you need to follow for perfect cleaning:

1. Prepare The Cleaning Materials

detergents, soaps, and cloths which are used for bathroom cleaning checklist

We recommend that you prepare all the cleaning materials in order not to waste time during cleaning. Accordingly, you should make sure that washcloths, vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, detergent, and all other cleaners are at hand. After preparing everything you need while cleaning, you can move on to the next subtitle.

To learn what is a washcloth and usage areas, check on our content, which is titled as Do You Know Exactly What is A Washcloth?

2. Empty The Trash Can

You can start cleaning by emptying the trash cans you use in the bathroom. In this way, you will free up space in your trash for items you will throw in the trash while cleaning.

3. Clean The Cabinets

You can clean your cabinets in the bathroom with a slightly moistened washcloth from top to bottom and remove them from dust. Besides, it will be beneficial to clean the interior of the cabinets and then the doors.

4. Clean The Toilet

a hand which wears gloves for cleaning the toilet

Pour the cleaning agent to the toilet and then brush it with a brush and then rinse the toilet with plenty of water. To disinfect the outside of the toilet, use a spray or cream cleaner and remove all dirt with a moist duster. After making sure that you get rid of all the dirt in your toilet, you can proceed to clean your sink and mirror.

5. Clean The Sink And Mirror

Apply the cleaning agent to the sink surface and then clean all dirt with a damp cloth. You can use hot water for difficult dirt. After cleaning the taps in the same way, wipe your mirror thoroughly with a glass cleaner and a dry microfiber cloth.

6. Clean The Shower/Bathtub

You may think you are close to completing the bathroom cleaning checklist. However, cleaning the shower cabin and bathtub is one of the most critical steps.

First of all, get rid of the dirty residue on the floor of the shower cabin and bathtub. You can use a powerful cleaning agent for this. Then make sure to clean the walls of the shower cabin and the side surfaces of the bathtub and rinse thoroughly.

7. Clean The Floor

mopping the floor of the bathroom

After completing the main cleaning steps, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt and dust on the floor of your bathroom. Then clean the floor completely using a mop with detergent. Once the floor has dried up, you can put your bathroom rugs in place, which you have swept and cleaned.

8. Replace Towels With Clean

It is crucial to replace your towels with clean ones frequently. You can not talk about hygiene in your hot and humid bathroom, which has very favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria unless you change your towels every time you use them.

Therefore, if necessary, you should replace your towels with clean towels. And it would be best if you clean although they are clean but smell bad for removing mold. Also, you should not hesitate to throw away your old towels, and you should buy towels that fit your needs.

To learn how bad-smelling towels can smell good again, you can take a look at our content, which is titled as Do You Know How to Get Smell Out of Towels?

9. Unclog The Air Vent

Never forget to clean the ventilation of your bathroom with a thin brush. Otherwise, your ventilation may be clogged because of dead skins and dust, and this can cause your bathroom to remain airless and dirty.
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