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What is a Bath Sheet: With Differences and Usage Areas

You want to buy a bath towels set that includes everything that you need… You scroll down while reading the list and seeing all the familiar names. all of a sudden, you read the word bath sheet. You think to yourself, what is a bath sheet? It looks quite pricey and large, would you be really needing one in your home? If you are thinking these to yourself, don’t worry! We prepared all you need to know about bath sheets. What is a bath sheet, where one uses a bath sheet, dimensions of a bath sheet and so much more can be found in this article! Keep on reading to find out the answer to the question of what is a bath sheet.

Bath Sheet vs. Bath Towel

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Oh, the excitement of shopping for a new home! We all know about it, and we shared this excitement at some point. It is fun to imagine yourself using the things that you added to your registry before the wedding, or the stuff that you buy from online shops. Even if you have been living in the same house for many many years now, updating your towel set would add a new breath of fresh air and updated quality to your life. By simply changing something so mundane like the bath sheet and bath towel, you van have the pump of excitement that you have been looking for. Before rushing to the checkout though, it is important to understand the difference between bath sheet and bath towel. Let’s explore!

The difference between bath sheet and bath towel would puzzle the ones that are not in the textile industry to a great extent. Yet it is easy to comprehend once you divide the difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet to some smaller areas of comparison.

Size Difference Between Bath Sheet and Bath Towel

The first thing that you would notice while shopping for linen for your bathroom is the size of different towels. Here, while a bath towel would be a medium size, a bath sheet would be the largest of the family. Let’s take a look at the different sizes of towels.

  • The smallest of the towel family is a face washer. It is also named as the wash cloth. It can be used as a loofa in the shower or bath as well as a tool to give your face a proper cleaning. It can be found in a square shape. It is 13 inch to 13 inc or 33 cm to 33 cm. This is of course the average size, it can be smaller or bigger than that but the idea is it is a small piece of cloth. 
  • The following item is a hand towel. A hand towel comes in handy - no pun intended - especially on a day to day basis. You can hang the fancy one to the guest bathroom, the soft one to your kid’s sink and the absorbent one to the kitchen. A bath towel is generally rectangular, it is 18 inch to 26 inch or 45 cm to 65 cm. It is just large enough to dry your hands.
  • Here comes the bath towel, the famous one! Bath towel is larger than the hand towel and the face washer, but smaller than the bath sheet. It is generally used for drying a part of the body or the head after shower or bath. It is generally found in the shape of a rectangle and the dimensions of a bath towel are 28 inch to 55 inch or 70 cm to 140 cm.
  • Now let’s take a look at the largest member of the towel family. What is a bath sheet can be answered by looking at the size of it. It is a noticeably large, rectangular towel that you can use for multiple different purposes in your home. It is generally 35 inch to 63 inch or 90 cm to 160 cm.

Absorbence Difference Between Bath Sheet and Bath Towel

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Since they are used for different purposes, there is a difference in absorbance between bath sheet and bath towel. This difference of absorbance is essential because it makes it kind of difficult to use them interchangeably. A bath towel is intended to dry one particular area of a person. Hair is a great example. It can be easily wrapped around of your head to cover your wet hair and to help it get dried. Or in a warm summer day, a bath towel can be used to quickly dry one’s body in parts and get ready to get dressed. A bath sheet on the other hand cannot be wrapped around one’s head. It is instead intended to cover the whole body after a nice, awakening shower or a long, relaxing bath. Since one is limited to parts of the body and one is intended to dry the whole person, their absorbance might be different.

Storage Possibilities Difference Between Bath Sheet and Bath Towel

The size difference between bath towels and bath sheets brings the differences in storage between bath sheets and bath towels as well. Since bath towels are smaller, they can be easily stored in anywhere in your house. They are flexible in this sense and can be folded or rolled to be placed in any kind of storage space. You have more alternatives of storage with bath towels and especially if you have problem of space in your apartment, it is safe to keep the number of bath towels more than bath sheets. On the other hand, considering their larger size, bath sheets are a little bit trickier to store. You can fold them and place them nicely in a drawer or you can hang them in your bathroom to save space. The difference between bath sheet and bath towel would also be an answer to the question of our article: what is a bath sheet.

Price Difference Between Bath Sheet and Bath Towel

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If you have been searching about the difference between bath sheet and bath towel, it is possible that you came across the idea of luxury at this point. If this is the first article that you have red about the topic, let us bring it down for you. A bath sheet is often associated with the word luxury. This is not a sign of lack of imagination, but rather a signal of the difference between bath towel and bath sheet. u-sing a bath sheet is often considered to be a luxurious experience and therefore it might be a little bit more pricier than a bath towel. Nevertheless if you are buying your bath towel and bath sheet in a set, you would save so much more.

What is a Bath Sheet Used for?

Now that we covered the differences between bath towels and bath sheets, let’s take a look at the next question: What is a bath sheet used for? Exploring the areas of usage would help us to understand what is a bath sheet.

Bath Sheet as a Bath Robe

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The first benefit of a bath sheet is the fact that it can be used to cover up and dry your whole body after a shower or a bath. It is easy to grab and wrap around yourself. The softness of the fabric and the absorbance of the towel works perfectly well like a bath robe. You can use a bath sheet during the times that you don’t have a bath robe available. Many of these cases can be found in hotels. Even though today almost all of the hotels have bath robes ready, waiting for the guests in the rooms, some of them still prefer to give bath sheets instead. Answer to the question of what is a bath sheet can be “an alternative to the robe” on hotels.

You can also use the bath sheet instead of a bath robe even if you have one available right next to the other. Especially during the summer in hot climates, it can be a little bit toasty to be sitting in a bath robe. Instead of that you can use the cooler alternative and use the bath sheet for the same purpose. Fir an average adult, the bath sheet can cover from your armpits until your knees. This gives enough coverage while leaving the rest of the legs and all of the arms free.

Bath Sheet as a Loungewear

Most of the time we image luxury to be something expensive to attain. A day of relaxing would require a lot of money, often traveling to a spa or a retreat, and having to share this experience with strangers. Sounds not so appealing, huh? However, you can have the luxury of a spa in your own home as well. If the fundamental idea is relaxing and taking a break from the struggles of every day life, chilling in a comfy lounge wear would help you to reach that. Imagine being wrapped with a soft, comfortable fabric after a relaxing warm bath. Right at this point, you can have the bath sheet as a loungewear! You can chill and relax while it dries you. Taking a five minute break from reality after a nice shower while covered with the bath sheet would give you the morale boost that you need.

Bath Sheet for Kids

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In our day of age, the textile technology is advanced to cover all sizes and shapes. You can find the perfect towel for all members of your family. Nevertheless, with kids, everything can be a little bit difficult. Let’s start with talking about babies. It is often not possible to find the right size of bath robes for the babies. Their small bodies cannot be put in a bath robe, even though the idea of seeing your baby in a white, comfy robe is appealing. After giving your baby its first bath, you can use a bath sheet. It can easily cover a baby and dry the skin and the head quite fast. The question of what is a bath sheet has a whole different answer for the people with babies.

Bath sheets can also be used for kids as bathrobes. There are already bath robes for kids, but they can be sometimes hard to use. It is difficult to get kids to agree to put on bath robes. After all, bath time is also playing time for them! You can use a bath sheet instead of bath rome for small kids.

Bath Sheet Size


After reading rolled bath sheetsto this point, probably you developed an idea for what is a bath towel sheet. Now let’s repeat the bath sheet size. Bath sheet is the largest of the towel family. They can easily be used for multiple purposes in a bathroom setting. The large size of a bath sheet gives it this flexibility in usage areas. You can even take your bath sheet to the beach! They are larger like beach towels, therefore when you don’t have a beach towel ready to go, a bath sheet can be used instead. A bath sheet is generally 35 inch to 63 inch or 90 cm to 160 cm. This large structure of the bath sheet gives you multiple opportunities to use it in your house!

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