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Towel Sizes: Visuals, Dimensions and Usage Areas

Towel Sizes: Visuals, Dimensions and Usage Areas

Ever wondered how to add some quality to your day to day life? Most of the time we tend to buy the cheapest and available items to surround ourselves with in our homes.

We use the towel every day; it is an important part of one of the main rituals of the morning and the night. We also use them in other places, such as gyms and beaches. We carry our towels with us, and they become a part of our day to day life as well as how we represent us to outside.

If you are struggling to decide to the right towel sizes and types, don’t worry! We created a guideline for you to follow in order to find the perfect towel sizes for your various towel needs. Keep on reading to find out about the towel sizes and types.

Let’s start with basics. What is a towel? A towel is a piece of cloth. It is absorbent. It is used for drying or wiping a surface. It can be a normal surface or your body as well. In addition to drying, towels should be able to moisture directly from contact.

Towel sizes and qualities differ from the areas of use. As robesNmore, the wholesale robe and towel seller, we will try to detail those sizes and qualities of different towel types.

Bath Towel Sizes

folded bath towels

Everybody wants to get clean with a towel after washing their hands or taking a shower. Although they are all alike, not all bathroom towels give the same results.

When choosing a bath towel in the store they all look perfectly soft. Some towels keep their softness and flawless absorbency for a long time, while others can harden enough to irritate your skin after a few washings.

Moreover, when you consider that you need to wash your towels frequently because the hygiene is in question, the first impression is often insufficient.

In addition to that, towel sizes may also be a problem when you are looking for the best option. They shouldn’t be too small or too large for your needs. It is important to make your research about towel sizes before purchasing them. Bath towel sizes may vary according to the type that you are buying.

Standart Bath Towel Sizes

colorful bath towels

It is possible that towel sizes are puzzling you because of your need fir a standart bath towel. A bath towel comes in handy in many places in a house. These towels are ideal for drying your body as well as your hair and even your feet after washing those parts of the body separately, or after taking a shower or a bath.

In order to get the best quality out of a standart bath towel, size is very important. In addition to the size; these towels should be soft. When the quality is not high, the towels are tend to lose their softness and the hardened structure would decrease the quality of the towel.

The material that you are going to chose should also be absorbent. That would make the drying procedure faster. It is also important to consider that the towel that you select wouldn’t get heavy.

A standart bath towel size is 28 cm x 55 cm or it can be expressed as 70 inch x 140 inch. There might be also other sizes but the general size is considered to be in these lines. It is important to observe your needs and to decide the ideal towel size that you would like to include to your home.

Bath Sheet Size

bath sheets

Another alternative to bath towels is called bath sheets. Bath sheets can be used instead of bath towels as well as as bathrobes. Bath sheets are generally associated with luxury.

After stepping out from a cold, awakening shower or a hot, relaxing bath you can wrap yourself with a bath sheet. In this regard, it is once again important to consider the bath sheet size.

Bath sheets can double as a luxurious loungewear. You can wrap that around your waist to while you are chilling after your shower. Furthermore, you can get ready, shave your beard or put on your make up while you are wearing the bath sheet around yourself. A standard size bath sheet would be able to cover an average size adult from the armpits until the knees.

Bath sheets can be used by different members of the house. They are also perfect for families. It is difficult to find tiny robes for babies. In order to dry them after a warm bath, you need a piece of cloth. It is also important to wrap them quickly in order to avoid any risk of catching the cold.

You can use the bath sheets in order to dry your baby. Bath sheets are also perfect for small children. Even though there are bathrobes for children, sometimes it is difficult to find the ideal size for them. In situations like this, you can use bath sheets. The bath sheet size is ideal for drying a young kid after a shower.

Let’s take a look at the bath sheet sizes. Among different towel sizes, bath sheets are pretty large compared to others. They can be found 35 cm x 63 cm or 90 inch x 160 inch. Of course, there are certain alternatives that are larger or smaller, but an average bath sheets towel is around these lines.

Beach Towel Size

beach towels

Some towels are specified for certain occasions. A day at the beach requires a special towel. Towel sizes for these special occasions also differ. Let’s take a look at the beach towel sizes.

Beach towels are specially made for one day at the beach while bath towels are created for the purposes of the house. You cannot use them interchangeably because they are both created for completely different needs. There are some differences between beach towels and normal towels.

The first thing that comes to mind is the towel sizes. The biggest difference between the bath towel and the beach towel is the size. Beach towels are generally larger than bath towels.

This is because they are used not only for drying yourself, bur also for lying on them. An average beach towel is around 177 cm x 88 cm or 78 inch x 35 inc. These are average measurements for a beach towel.

There are also larger beach towels for the ones that would like to lay on the ground and lay yourself on it. In order to enjoy the sun and relax at the beach, you can use the larger beach towels. They are square. T

hey can be approximately 300 cm x 300 cm or 120 inches x 120 inches. These large square beach sizes are ideal for the whole family to enjoy next to the water. It might hold a large space on the sand but it would surely give you enough area to chill.

Hand Towel Size

Hand Towels

Another towel type that we use frequently in our day to day life is hand towels. Hand towels can be easily found in any household. They are used in bathrooms and toilets.

Often there are two types of hand towels, and their sizes are generally the same. Some of them are used on a day to day basis by the residents of a house, and some of them are specially designated for the guests. Nevertheless towel sizes of these two types are similar. Hand towel size are generally 18 cm x 26 cm or 45 inch x 65 inch.

It is important to prefer a towel that is made out out a fabric that tends to remain soft. Cotton or terry cloth can stay softer for a longer time. It is essential to consider that the softness in the shop can be illusive. After a couple of washes they become hardened. Therefore in order to avoid buying a new towel in every couple of months, try to find the best quality from the beginning.

Gym Towel Size

Man with water bottle at gym

For the people who are gym rats, gym towels are essential. Gym towels are ideal for spreading on the mattress in the gym and providing hygiene. Do not forget to clean the sports equipment with a towel or dry cloth after use.

It is an important element of regularly going to the gym. If you ever notice sweaty tools, it is important to report this situation to the saloon attendant. Why we should use a gym towel?

Remember that some diseases can be transmitted to you because of perspiration. Towel is one of the most important training partners. You will never go to the gym without it. Therefore you need a high quality gym towel standing by your side.

When choosing a gym towel, it is important to find the right material. There are many alternatives when it comes to finding the best gym towel size. A gym towel made out of terry cloth can be a very basic and affordable alternative for starters.

They weight light, and easy to carry around from one gym equipment to other. Furthermore, they are soft and do not hurt you while you are trying to try yourself from sweat. In addition the best gym towel should be absorbent.

Nobody wants a towel that cannot absorbe enough and leave the user in sweat! Finally, it comes handy when a gym towel is machine washable. When you use the gym towel frequently, you need to wash ot frequently as well. These standard gym towels are generally 84 cm x 160 cm or 33 inch x 63 inch.

Gym towels can also come in different materials. Sport towels can be found in microfiber fabric. Towels made out of microfiber are very flexible. They can be easily folded and placed in a gym bag.

Another advantage of having a microfiber gym towel is that they can be easily washed and dried. They are durable against regular washing. They can be found in 16 inch x 32 inch  or 40 cm x 59 cm. The towel sizes in gym towels may vary based on the material that is used.

Washcloth Size


Let’s take a look at the smallest member of the towel family. Washcloth has the smallest of towels. The washcloth is not technically a towel. It is not enough to dry a person. Nevertheless it is an essential part of the towel sets.

Washcloths can be used as loofahs in baths and showers. They would help you to reach to your back and give it a good clean. Another usage of the washcloth is to dry small items. If you need to immediately dry an item like make-up brushes you can use washcloths.

They are also an essential part of the skincare routine of many people. Because of their important role in cleaning the facial area they are also called as face washers.

Washcloths are generally found in square shapes. Their equal shape makes it easier for the user to use them. Most of the towel sizes of wash cloths are 33 cm x 33 cm or 13 inch x 13 inch. An alternative might be an inch smaller or bigger. For the children a smaller size would me more manageable while for adults a bigger would come in handy easily.

While using a washcloth, it is important to keep certain elements in mind. Even tough a washcloth is very useful in personal hygiene matters, when used not carefully, they might cause problems as well.

Scrubbing is the first thing to be careful about. Sure, a washcloth can give you a nice scrub and help you to get rid of the dead skin, but scrubbing vigorously with a washcloth would cause your skin to become redder.

It might irritate the skin to the extent that cause some acne, especially over the chest, back and face. Another thing to consider while using a washcloth is to avoiding to use it dry.

Just like many other towels, washcloths are also tend to get harder as a result of frequent usage. When used dry after it loses its softness, washcloths can irritate skin. In order to avoid that, it is useful to prefer a high quality washcloth and to use them wet or damp.

It is possible to find smaller towel sizes as well. These smaller towels can be considered as decorative or gift-worthy items. They can also be found in the bathrooms of luxury hotels, spas or restaurants. The finger towels are smaller than the washcloths. They are generally 11 inch x 18 inch or 27 cm x 45 cm.

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