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what are slippers

What Are Slippers: Usage And Benefits

Everyone has at least one pair of slippers. But there are slippers in different sizes and shapes, which are produced from many different materials. Therefore, which slippers should be worn in which case causes question marks in the minds of many people. To find a slipper that suits your needs, first of all, you need to know a little bit about these particular items. You can find answers in our content to questions like what are slippers, how they were invented, what are the advantages of using them, how to choose the ideal slippers.

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yellow chic and fluffy slippers
Are you wearing a slipper you wear outside at home? Do you wear the slippers you use for bathing on Halloween? Do you use the slippers made from the towel you use for the spa to warm up in winter? As can be understood from the answers to these questions, slippers can be of many different types according to their usage area. So choosing a pair of slippers can sometimes be more complicated than you might think.

Because the slippers have much more function than relaxing your feet. In this respect, if you wish, let us first take a look at the invention of the slipper and its taking place on the stage of history. Then let's examine the advantages of slippers to understand why we wear slippers.

Brief History of Slippers

It is not known precisely when and where the slippers, which are derived from the “to slip” verb root, were invented. However, the first references found indicate that these materials come from around Vietnam. It is known that the early findings of slippers used in all societies today date back to the 12th century. On the other hand, the first findings of the use of slippers in the west are found around 1478.

Also, there were many famous names slippered in the history of slippers. For example, Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert’s quilted silk-lined velvet slippers attracted attention. Winston Churchill has also seemed to prefer a similar slipper. Today, it is possible to witness slippered many singers, actors, and other notable figures.

Benefits of Wearing Slippers

spa items, white bathrobe and white slippersAfter answering the question of what are slippers, it's time to ask why should you wear slippers. Slippers are very essential for foot health in the first place. Slippers that help regulate blood flow also allow the feet to breathe. So when you wake up in the morning and get home from work, your first task is to wear a pair of slippers that will relax your feet.

Furthermore, thanks to decorative slippers, it is possible to experience the comfort and elegance of slippers in the outdoor areas during the day. Of course, the advantages of wearing slippers are not limited to these. Here are the main benefits of wearing slippers:

Warming Your Feet

Socks can protect your feet from cold weather. However, you can still catch a cold from the floor when walking on the floor even though you have winter socks. The slippers completely cut the proximity of your feet to the floor, and thus help you to avoid becoming ill. In this respect, slippers also help the function of socks.

Besides, when sitting in front of the TV or working at the desk, the blood flow slows down in the body so that you can be more affected by the cold. It is possible to prevent your feet from getting cold by wearing slippers.

Keeping Your House Clean

a woman wears soft slippersWhen you enter your house from the outside, you don't want to spread all the dirt and dust to your floor, do you? You also wear slippers to protect your home from dirt and bacteria. This way, your home remains much more hygienic. On the other hand, you wear slippers to protect your feet from dust on the carpet and upholstery. Because even if cleaned regularly, all floors are covered with dust in time. That's why your feet can become dirty.

Also, if you don't live alone in your home, you should choose your own slippers to wear in the bathroom. Because fungi, algae, and molds like to live in damp environments, and you can protect your feet from those by means of slippers.

Protecting Your Feet From Sharp Things

The corner of the nightstand, coffee table legs, toys, pushpins, and many other things... There are so many objects on the floor that threaten your feet, right? These objects, which are not so damaging at first glance, can hurt you when you hit your foot hard or step on it. It is useful to wear slippers to avoid such situations. Slippers serve as armor against sharp and dangerous items and protect your feet.

Preventing You From Slipping And Falling

You may prefer wood, tile, or laminate flooring to create a warm look in your home and to ensure that household goods stay flat on the floor. However, these types of grounds can cause you to fall. Then should you give up these flooring materials? Of course not! With a pair of non-slip slippers, you can minimize the likelihood of falling and catch to create the decoration you want in your home.

How Can You Know Which Slippers Are The Best?

Which slippers are the best choice may vary depending on your foot needs and usage area. Some people have to choose orthopedic slippers for foot health, and others should wear high-bottom slippers for heel health. On the other hand, wearing soft and fluffy slippers that are worn to protect from the cold will be nonsense when you use them on the beach. For all these reasons, there are many different types of slippers available and the slippers that best suit your needs are the best slippers for you.

white slippers

On the other hand, to be comfortable with slippers, neither small nor large, you should get a slipper in the exact number of your foot. This is also important for your safety. Because slippers that are small on your foot can cause injury to your fingers, and large slippers can easily come out of your foot and cause dangerous situations.

Now you know the answer to what are slippers and all the other details about slippers. After reading this guide, you can choose towelnrobe to buy slippers!

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