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What is a robe: Types and Uses (With Visuals)

What is a robe: Types and Uses (With Visuals)

Robe is a type of clothing that we use all the time but we have no idea what it is exactly or where does it originate from. Therefore maybe what is a robe is not a question that you have asked to yourself. Nevertheless a robe is a piece of loose clothing that can be used for many purposes, including differentiating one from a group of people or as a leisurely attire. In order to pick up the right robe for yourself, keep on reading to find out an answer to the odd but relevant question - what is a robe exactly?

You have heard of them, perhaps you have worn them, but maybe you haven’t think about them in a deep manner. It is now time to ask the question: what is a robe?

From a fashion sense, a robe can be any kind of loosely fitting garment. It is an outer garment, meaning although sometimes it is worn over bare skin, it is not underwear. What differences robes from other similar outer garments such as cloaks and capes is the fact that rides has sleeves. These sleeves makes them a special type of clothing. Sleeves of a robe can come in different sizes and shapes based on where it is used.

The word “robe” is actually quite old. It is coming from Middle English and it has been used as “robe” for centuries. The fact that robe as a word reached to today’s world shows that it has a historical significance. Its origin is the Old French, in which again the word itself was the same but the meaning was different. It used to mean booty or spoils in Old French. More interestingly the Old French version of the word is coming from Frankish word rouba, which means on the one hand “clothes” and on the other hand “spoils” or “things stolen”. Interesting isn’t it? Well, when we think about it, a robe is a revealing piece of clothing, therefore maybe the second meaning has something to do with that!

What are Robes for?

In order to understand the answer of our question - what is a robe - it is now time to think about different uses of robes.

Robes are generally used by certain professions in order to differentiate them from the public. Academics are the classical example of this. Think about your graduation ceremony. Even though the piece of clothing that you wore upon your formal dress maybe called as something else, it is actually a “robe”. It is not only worn by the students but also by the members of the faculty as well.

Another profession that uses robes as a gown to differentiate themselves from the people is judges or barristers. Depending on their position within the legal system, law professionals are also wearing different types of robes. They are perfect examples to how a robe can be used in a professional environment.

Now lets move to the polar opposite of this! Members of the professions that we suggested above wear robes in order to differentiate themselves from others or as part of their professional attire. What is a robe has a whole different answer to them. However robes are also worn as part of leisurely activities. They can be found in hotels, where you relax. In spas, to cover your body between treatments. In swimming pools in order to keep you dry. And of course, in our bathrooms to keep us clean!

What is a Kimono Robe?

Women's Terry Pink Bathrobe, Kimono Style

There are many different types of robes that are used for leisurely activities. Their shape and structure determines what they are called. One of the most commonly found types of robes is the kimono robes. In order to understand what is a robe and more precisely what is a kimono robe, let’s find out what a kimono is.

A kimono is a type of garment that is originated from Japan. It has been used as a clothing item for centuries and has a huge significance in Japanese culture. Just like robes in the Western culture, “kimono” also means “garment”. Different types of kimonos has been used by different members of different professions and by ordinary people as well. Together with the globalization, kimonos became globally known and liked. They also inspired Western fashion designers and started to be used as a part of the fashion trends including bath robes.

Kimono robes are very trendy robes that you can use for multiple purposes. You can use them at home after a long day to relax. You can also take your kimono robe to the pool and use it to try yourself. The fact that it has larger sleeves and a very soft touch would make your experience with it very pleasing.

What is a Hooded Robe?

Women's Terry Black Bathrobe, Hooded

You might ask to yourself: what would a hood do with a hooded robe if it is not worn outside where it rains? Well, the benefits of having a hood attached to your robe are countless!

If you have a kid, you know the importance of making the bath time as practical as possible. Kids are interesting creatures! They resist going to the bath and they wouldn’t want to come out once they are in. As a parent, you need to make sure that they don’t get sick by staying in so long, or getting a cold afterwards. with a hooded robe, your problem is solved. Just put the hood on their heads! No need for an extra towel to dry their heads, no need to rush them to use the blowdryer. It is practical, and so cosy that even you would like to curl in one and cuddle with your loved ones.

What is a Shawl Collar Robe?

Kid's Plush Micro-Fleece White Bathrobe, Shawl Collar

What is a robe? Is it just a piece of garment that you wear inside of your house? Not so much! Sometimes, you have to wear a robe at a social place! Can’t think of any? Well, we have some examples for you.

When you are in a spa, you are asked to wear a robe instead of your clothes. In a pool, you might need one as a clothing to cover you up and also keep you dry. These are the places, a chic robe comes in handy. Our suggestion for an ongoing stylishness is shawl collar robes.

A shawl collar is a collar with a continuous curve. It is also called as the shawl lapel or a roll collar. It is a very stylish part of any piece of clothing. It is originated from the Victorian times when it was used as the collar of the smoking jacket. Today it can be found in dinner jackets or tuxedos… and also robes!

The shawl collar robe have the advantage of a wider collar compared to other types of robes. As a result it is easier for the user to try their faces or neck with this type of robe. It also helps you to stop the water dripping from your hair to stop. It is very practical and stylish at the same time.

What is a Terry Cloth Robe?

Women's Terry Navy Bathrobe, Hooded

The first part for the question of “What is a robe?” is answered by providing examples to the different styles of robes. Now it is time to talk about the cloth material for robes.

One of the most frequently used materials for robes os the terry cloth. The terry cloth robe is a piece of clothing that is specifically developed for towels and robes over the centuries. Also known as the “Turkish Towel”, terry cloth has loops on both sides that makes it more absorbent and fluffy. It dries easier than any other piece of cloth that is used in robes and it feels a soft touch on your skin. Therefore, the terra cloth robe is the perfect alternative as a robe fabric.

What is a Waffle Robe?

Women's Waffle Kimono Knee Length Fuchsia Bathrob

Waffle cloth is another alternative that is used in bath robes. A waffle robe is made out of waffle fabric. it is a very special kind of fabric that makes your robe breath! The waffle fabric has small pieces, almost like little grids. They are very light and feels easy on your skin. They are also very absorbent because the air can flow between them. As a result, they dry easily. A waffle robe can be specifically used as a beach or a pool robe, where you need them to try as soon as possible in order to wear them again. Therefore a waffle robe comes handy during the summer time.

You can also use the waffle robe as a robe at home after a shower or a bath. It is easy to wash and dry them so you always have a robe after relaxation.

Where to Buy Robes?

We spend so much time to find the perfect pair of trousers, the perfect top that would go with the perfect skirt, or even perfect t-shirt that is stylish but also a little bit laid back. However we don’t spend even the half of that time ti find the perfect robe, even though we wear them almost on a day to day basis. However, they are perhaps that one piece of clothing that we wear all time time without updating it that much.

You can find the perfect robe for you in RobesNMore. Just imagine what kind of a robe that you want, and something similar to that is waiting for you there. There is a perfect robe for everyone in RobesNMore. You can go for lively colors or more relaxing ones. You can chose a kimono or shawl collar, or even one with a hood! You can buy them for yourself or for your establishment. The high quality of robes in RobesNMore makes them unique. In addition, the cargo is free in shopping more than 150 $. Update your robe today with RobesNMore.

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