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Peshtemal Towel: Usage and Varieties

The peshtemal towel, which we are used to seeing in traditional hammams and spa centers, is actually a kind of woven product that provides the same function as the towel we know. However, with their authentic appearance, light structure, and elegance, peshtemal towels that are easily distinguished from standard towels are becoming more and more popular all over the world.

So what is a Turkish towel, what are the varieties and where can it be used? Here you can find answers to all these questions in the rest of our content.

The peshtemal towel also known as Turkish bath towels which dates back to the Ottoman Empire is actually an essential part of Turkish culture. The most widely known form of these fabrics, which have a worldwide reputation, is a rectangular shape. Peshtemal, a seamless product, can be made of cotton or linen. These light and thin towels are extremely suitable for daily use and are highly absorbent. The peshtemal towel takes up less space compared to an ordinary towel, is easy to carry, and dries much faster.

Turkish bath towels have been used in Turkish baths, as known as hammams, for centuries. Since it is made of pile fabric, a peshtemal towel which has a different appearance than other towels is resistant to getting dirty. It can also be referred to as environmentally friendly because it is produced from natural materials. It is known that Turkish bath towels are made in different patterns throughout history usually in red and white colors. However, nowadays, it is possible to find a peshtemal towel with design and color for every style.

It is possible to mention the traditional uses of the peshtemal towel, one of the most fashionable textile products in recent years, as well as its varieties for different purposes. So let’s check out the peshtemal towel that offers quality, comfort, and functionality in a little more detail.

Usage of Peshtemal Towel

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The traditional Turkish hammam, which is the reason why the peshtemal towels appear on the stage of history, is, of course, the place where Turkish bath towels are most widely used. Accordingly, when entering the hammam, all clothes are removed, and then peshtemal is wrapped in a way that covers the body parts of women. Men knot after wrapping their peshtemals around their waist. Peshtemals can also be used for the same purpose in the sauna and to dry after the shower.

The peshtemal towel, which is absorbent as other towels, is also suitable for use in gyms. It takes very little space in the sports bag because it has a light and slim structure that easily absorbs sweat from the body during sports activities. Similarly, it is possible to carry the peshtemal which takes up very little space in the holiday bag or the beach bag everywhere. So you can use Turkish bath towels as beach towels for drying after the sea and the pool. The peshtemals, which dry very quickly, also maintain the body's ideal temperature in the summer heat.

In addition to using it as a towel, you can use your peshtemal as an accessory and combine it with your clothes. Peshtemal, which acts as a shawl, can hang over your shoulder backward or you can wrap it around your neck like a scarf. When you do not want to use it in this way, it is possible to use it for decorative purposes by covering it on your seats and chairs. You can even use it as a curtain to create an authentic atmosphere in your home with peshtemals in different colors.

If you want to know more about Turkish bath culture, we recommend you to check out our other content which is titled What is Turkish Bath?

Varieties of Peshtemal Towels

a woman who wear a blue robe sitting on a sunbedPeshtemal towel varieties, which have an important place in Turkish culture and have a worldwide reputation in textile, can differ according to weaving techniques in Anatolia. The fouta peshtemals which are used to cover the body and the head peshtemal are more common in the Black Sea region in Turkey and can be given as an example.

In addition, it is possible to talk about peshtemal models which are prepared for more modern usage. For example, a peshtemal variant offered to consumers with a robe form is one of the most preferred. Seamless weaving peshtemal is also produced in different sizes for the head and body, as well as the peshtemal towel set.

Care For Peshtemal Towel?

peshtemal towel hanged at balcony

Before the first use, a Turkish bath towel should be kept in cold water for 4-6 hours or overnight, and then rinse with warm water. This procedure allows your peshtemal towels to be more absorbent and softer. For frequent use, you can wash your towel in a washing machine at a maximum of 40 degrees in the delicate wash program and then line dry. And be careful when washing towels with clothes! We recommend that you do not wash your towels with zippered or stapled clothes together to avoid deteriorating the texture of your peshtemals.

If you wash your towel by hand, you should not use an excessive amount of detergent or soap. Otherwise, when your peshtemal is dry, it may harden due to soap and detergent residues. In such a situation, you can use warm water to restore the softness of your peshtemal. In warm water close to body temperature, detergent, and soap residues will easily dissolve, and your towel will regain its softness.

If your peshtemal towel is stained, you can get support from a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. If you rub the stained spots before washing, you can observe that all the dirt is easily removed. In addition, we recommend that you do not use fabric softener when washing your peshtemals. Because softening products will reduce the absorbency of the peshtemal towel. Also, if you use the dryer to dry your peshtemal, make sure to dry it at a very low temperature.

If you want to buy a high-quality and handy peshtemal towel to complement your elegance, you can check out robesNmore's peshtemal products!

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