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Everything About Washing Towels With Clothes

Everything About Washing Towels With Clothes

Bath towel, hand towel and face towel, beach towel or foot towel… There are so many of them! Even though there are plenty of different types of towels the purpose of your towel is fixed, regardless of the place of use.

Our intentions are pure, but all of us still make a big mistake: washing towels with clothes! This is by far the worst thing that you can do to your towels! Read this article before loading the washing machine next time.

Can You Wash Towels with Clothes?

washing towels with clothes

Well… no! Generally, there is a tendency to wash the white towels in white undergarments, and the colored ones with colored clothes. Ideally speaking, towels should only be washed with towels.

However, in today’s world, where everybody is living alone in their apartments, it is difficult to accumulate enough to load a dishwasher only with towels. In these situations, washing towels with clothes come as a feasible alternative — our advice to add more to the rotation. If you have more towels that you can use, you can wait for them to be all dirty and you can wash them every 15 days altogether. This way, you don’t have to wash towels with clothes.

Should You Use Fabric Softener With Towels?

Well… no, again! Another false idea that most of us are doing is using fabric softener while washing towels. It is also partly coming from washing towels with clothes. However, fabric softeners are highly controversial chemicals. Yes, it smells good and makes everything pleasant and comfortable. But for what cost? They are also making the life of your clothes shorter!

Also, this is primarily a problem for towels, because dyed softeners reduce the moisture-holding capacity of the towel. When a towel cannot hold moist enough, it becomes useless and ends up in the trash bin and from there in landfills. To protect the environment, stop using fabric softener with towels.

Can You Wash Sheets and Towels Together?

washing towels with sheets

Well… no, please don’t! Washing towels with clothes was a big no-no, so our cleaning enthusiast readers would guess our answer to this question as well. Just like washing towels with clothes, washing sheets with towels is also not advised. Bed sheets should always be washed with each other.

Nevertheless, a set of bed linens are enough to fill the washing machine. There is no need to add extra towels. Furthermore, incredibly filling your washing machine would also be harmful to this instrument. The tumbling capacity of a washing machine is limited, and especially with towels, it is even more difficult given that they are likely to become heavier after getting wet. Washing towels with clothes or sheets would harm not only your towels but also your clothes and sheets as well. Best is to keep these worlds separately.

How To Dry Your Towels?

how to dry towels, washing towels with clothes

You separated them and gave them a good wash. Now it is time to dry them. But how one should wipe the towels? If you usually are using a dryer, you can dry your clothes in the dryer. At this point, it is essential to keep in mind that sometimes dryers can cause your clothes or towels to get smaller. Especially with the high temperatures, there is always this risk of ending up with miniature towels! Sou keeps the temperature in the middle.

Another alternative is to dry your towels by hanging them. If you are lucky enough to live in a region where you have more sunny days compared to rainy ones, you can hang your clothes to the balcony. With the effect of the wind and the sun, your clothes can be dried in no time. For some of us, it is not possible either because of the living conditions or because of the high number of rainy days. You can try to hang them indoors, but you need to leave the windows open to prevent the formation of fungi!

Should You Iron Your Towels?

This time, yes! Definitely! You can iron your clothes to achieve the softness that you are looking for. If your towels are becoming harder, you can use the magic of ironing. Ironing would give an extra softness to your towels.

Furthermore, with ironing, since they become flatter, you can store them more comfortable. Besides, ironing will not only give you softness. Thanks to its high temperature, it will kill the bacteria left in the towels.

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