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How To Keep Bath Water Warm: 5 Tips

Sometimes in the turmoil of daily life, the only thing you dream about could be a long and warm bath to relax and clear your mind after the exhaustion of a stressful workday. You really want to soak into the hot tub and stay forever but, that incredible experience only lasts 20 minutes, right?

How to Keep Bath Water Warm: 5 Simple Solutions

If you are fed up with shivering in cold water after a bit, you can make a few arrangements before hopping into the hot tub. Let’s look at 5 easy tips for how to keep bath water warm:

 1. The Material of the Tub

a bathtub in a bathroom

The first, maybe the most important step to enjoy in a long and warm bath experience is to consider the material of the bathtub. If you are in the stage of buying a new tub, you should make some research about the right bathtub to make a difference.

If you decide to buy a quality tub that retains the heat longer than the regular ones, you can note the materials such as cast iron, acrylic, copper and stone. Considering a replacement will also create a good ambiance for your bathroom and be a great investment for the future in terms of durableness and quality.

 2. Preheat the Tub

If you are wondering about how to keep bath water warm, another important detail to keep in mind is to preheat the bathtub and the bathroom as well. The first thing you can do is to boil some water in a kettle and to pour it into the tub. This method could successfully work to keep the bath warm as long as you desire.

If you don’t want to deal with boiling water, you can choose the option of filling up the tub with much hotter water than you can endure. Thus, the tub absorbs the hot water and you prevent water from getting cold even before you get in. Warm water you are accustomed to will be ready for you longer than usual.

 3. Keep the Door Closed

modern bathroom with a closed door

We can hear you say, we never leave the doors open before a shower or bath, you’re right. However, this time the issue is beyond privacy. Closed doors help you keep the bath warmer while you are trying a long-lasting experience. 

The steam coming from a hot water tub is important in terms of warming the air of the bathroom. If the doors are closed, you can keep the bathroom warm and prevent warm air from escaping. You can also keep the shower curtain closed if there is. That will work, too.

 4. Use Hot Stones

sauna heater with hot stones

You fill up the tub and try to extend the time of relaxation. Here is another significant suggestion, hot stones. When you are brainstorming on how to keep bath water warm, a couple of hot stones will handle this situation instead of you.

Before getting in, take some heat-retaining stones and put them into an oven, after baking for a while (at 350°, about 15 minutes) you can add them all to the tub. These magic rocks will provide a much longer relaxing bath.

 5. Bath Bubbles relaxed woman in a bathtub with bubbles

Yes! Bath bubbles are the most enjoyable part of bath experiences. We know you love them, too. In addition to the joy they bring, bath bubbles work to keep hot water inside the tub and play a role as a barrier to prevent the steam from being replaced by the cooler air of the bathroom. With the preheated tub, bath bubbles can manage to preserve your desired temperature.

If you are wondering about the other bath essentials for a great bath experience, you can read our article: 12 Bath Essentials For a Pampering Spa Day at Home.

woman wearing a purple bathrobe

When you come to the end of this amazing time in the bath, the first thing you’ll need is a fluffy and soft bathrobe. If you are interested in quality towels of robesNmore, you can visit our website and take a look at our products. Among the wide range of robes and towels, you can find what you need with premium quality.

Now your bathtub filled with warm water is waiting for you. We listed the important suggestions of how to keep bath water warm for your relaxation and me-time activity.

Great time in your bathroom is not a luxury anymore. Follow these steps and have fun in a long and warm bath experience. It’s time to enjoy!

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