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Pay Attention: How Often Should You Wash Towels?

Pay Attention: How Often Should You Wash Towels?

Keeping your home fresh and clean is the ultimate life goal! Cleaning the dishes and removing the dust daily, cleaning the floors and the bathroom weekly and a deeper cleaning in the overall apartment monthly are the standard steps for it.

How often should you wash towels? Let’s find out so that you can enjoy a thoroughly cleaned house with towels that remain in their highest quality for the longest time.

how often should you wash towel

Why Is "How Often Should You Wash Towels" Important?

For sure, you are going to wash them… Sooner or later, at least! But why does it matter? Why should you care about how often should you wash towels? Well, the answer is multi-layered yet straightforward.

Towels are textiles where bacteria and microbes are easily formed. Bacteria multiply quickly in humid environments. This threatens your health and beauty in many different ways. For example, imagine the face towel that you are using after taking off your make-up. If the make-up or dirt goes into the towel, the next use may cause acne formation. Prevention is possible through regular cleaning of this product. 

Another thing to remember is that towels are personal items. To avoid cases of a breakout or spread of a disease on your skin, towel sharing is a condition to be avoided. If any person has a bacterium, fungus, or virus in their towel, it is precarious to use this towel by someone else.

When using a towel, rubbing against the skin is a factor that increases the risk of contamination. Against all these risks is to wash your towels frequently. Every member of the household should have a separate set of towels, and these towels should be cleaned regularly.

Which Towel Should Be Washed How Frequent?

After establishing the importance of washing your towels frequently as well as not sharing your towels, it is now time to take a look at the very kind of towel to determine a question that leads us to this article: How often should you wash towels?

How Often Should You Wash Face Towels

how often should you wash face towels

Face towels are the towels that are used to wash and dry the face. Since our face is probably the essential part of our appearance, it is crucial to make sure that whatever is touching it is taken good care of.

It is best to wash face towels every other day. If you would like to avoid doing frequent loads of washing, you can add some more to your collection of towels.

How Often Should You Wash Bath Towels

how often should you wash bath towelsBath towels can be washed frequently for three to six days. However, a more critical issue than how often you wash towels is how you maintain them.Bath towels are items that are used inserted of bathrobes from time to time. They surround you after a shower, and they help you to get dried. You can also do your make-up while you are wrapped with a bath towel or chill on your sofa and watch some TV.

After use, you will minimize the formation of bacteria by allowing your towels to dry completely. However, if the towels take hours to dry because the bath is damp, you are at risk of bacterial growth. The ideal way to dry after using the towels is to hang it in a very open and dry area outside the bathroom.

When washing towels in a washing machine, wash them in hot water and, if possible, with non-perfumed detergent. In this way, you will avoid the irritating substances that cause the formation of acne on the skin. These tips can help you to find an answer to the question of how often should you wash towels. Again, adding some extra bath towels to your circulation.

How Often Should You Wash Hand Towels

how often should you wash hand towels

How often should you wash towels is a question that should also cover the hand towels. Hand towels are the towels that you use in your house to dry your hands after washing them. Even though technically you are using them after you wash your hands, they can get dirty. Furthermore, being always wet or moist allows bacteria to grow on them.

It is a good idea to wash your hand towels every week.

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