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woman with red kimono walking on the street

Ultimate Guide for Kimono: How to Pick and How to Wear

How to wear a kimono is a frequently asked question by those who are unfamiliar with it. The Kimono, which has existed in Japanese culture for thousands of years and has started to become widespread worldwide in recent years, is a traditional long garment. A T-shaped, straight-lined, ankle-length garment with a collar and long sleeves, the kimono is worn by both men and women.

Without further ado, we can talk about what a kimono is and how to wear a kimono. Thanks to the content we have prepared as towel expert robesNmore, after learning all the details about kimonos, you will be able to use this magnificent outfit in the most efficient way when you need comfort the most.

What is Kimono?

woman wearing white kimono and holding an umbrella

The kimono, which was first used in the 5th century, emerged with the adaptation of a traditional dress used there to Japan due to Japan's interaction with China. The kimono, which took its final form with the changes made in the general structure of the dress in the following centuries, has become clothing worn by both men and women.

Fabrics with different textures such as silk, linen, and tulle are used in the production of kimonos, which are widely demanded thanks to their comfort. The use of this outfit can also vary according to style. Plain, patternless ones can be preferred for stylish looks.

Those with abundant patterns and vibrant colors are suitable for a more active look. Kimono combinations can be created according to various tastes. This piece, which is generally used as a top that complements the outfit, can be easily preferred by people with various body types thanks to its wide structure.

The majority of Japanese people wear kimonos on special occasions such as religious temple visits, holidays, and New Year celebrations, which are still traditional today. In marriage ceremonies, the bride wears a specially produced kimono called shiromoku, which is made of thick white fabric and decorated with a special hairpin, while the groom wears a black kimono. For death ceremonies, a simple black kimono is preferred. Single women wear floor-length kimonos with wide sleeves on special occasions.

How to Wear a Kimono

white kimono belt wrapping

Although the kimono is seen by many as an aesthetically pleasing garment, it is also very useful. With the increasing trend in recent years, many people have become curious about kimonos and started to ask questions about how to wear a kimono.

Kimonos, which are very comfortable, have become fashionable over time and have become frequently preferred clothes at home. Just like bathrobes, how to wear kimonos, which are extremely comfortable, creates a big question mark. Thanks to the content we have prepared, we will also indicate how a good kimono should be by answering the question of how to wear a kimono.

Unlike bathrobes, the correct way to wear a kimono is quite simple. The kimono is wrapped around the body with the left side on top of the right side. It is tied at the back with a sash called obi. That's it! After buying a kimono, you can experience the unique comfort they provide with such simple moves.

woman wearing a blue kimono and holding an umbrella

On the other hand, you can also read our article titled Here is Everything You Need to Know About How to Tie a Bathrobe on how to wear bathrobes, which are more difficult to tie correctly.

There are many options to combine kimonos that are so simple to wear. You can wear it over a pair of comfortable shorts or with a pair of floral motiffed shoes... Thanks to kimonos that can be combined endlessly, you will be able to experience elegance in a very comfortable way.

Now that we have talked about how to wear a kimono, we can move on to how you should choose it. Let's take a look at the points you should pay attention to before buying this unique traditional outfit that provides both elegance and comfort.

How to Choose a Kimono

hanged kimonos with different colors

The most important thing to know when choosing a kimono is that there are hundreds of different designs. If you are not buying a kimono for a touristic trip to Japan, you should definitely choose a kimono made of your favorite color. In this way, you can wear your favorite color at your most comfortable moment and it will also make you aesthetically happy.

Most of the time, kimonos with patterns all over are preferred to be used in certain special moments, but kimonos with plain patterns can be used in all relaxing and rejuvenating body activities from massage to spa.

woman wearing a turqouise kimono

At the same time, turning to colors according to your body type allows you to make the right choice. It is very useful to make color choices by following classic fashion rules. robesNmore, which comes into play at this point, appeals to every taste with the color options of the most stylish kimonos it offers. Kimonos, which you can choose from countless colors, are also produced from the highest quality fabrics, allowing you to feel comfort at the highest level every time you use them.

We have come to the end of our article in which we talked about the history and how to choose the kimono while explaining how to wear a kimono. You can check robesNmore's robes, and towels for all your needs and enjoy endless comfort.

Also, don't forget to visit our blog page where we share informative content about body care, robes, and towels.

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