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Free Shipping Over $149.99*
Free Shipping Over $149.99*

Promotional Slippers and Free Shipping*

As soon as your order dollar amount is over $149.99 at check out the option to ship out free pops up as a shipping option.

This option is valid in only valid in the contiguous  States U.S. 


For a limited time every bathrobe ordered ships out with out with a promotional slipper. The slippers we give in this promotion cannot be selected or requested, 

Please use promo code: Freeslipper at check out and or, add it in the notes section if you can not find the promo code area

This is a promotional offering , so quantity and style varies depending on quantity available. for kids kids slippers would be put in and for adults adult sizes are added. 

It may be open toe or closed toe this depends on internal stock quantities.  

Does not apply to wholesale or closeout orders. Also , does not apply to express or premium shipping options.

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