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Free Shipping Over $149.99*+ FREE Spa Slippers for every robe ordered*(click for info promo code needed)
Free Shipping Over $149.99*+ FREE Spa Slippers for every robe ordered*(click for info promo code needed)

Waffle Bathrobes

Wholesale Waffle Robes are lightweight and practical to use. They made of most excellent cotton material. They keep you warm while you dry off thanks to their high-quality fabric material. Waffle Robes of RobesNmore are ideal for spa, poolside, sauna or home and even you think them as a great bridesmaid gift. Our premium waffle robes made of high-quality fabrics so, they are very soft, durable and absorbent. RobesNmore’s waffle robes manufactured with 100% cotton that means our bathrobes are soft and comfortable as well as durable and long lasting.

Robesnmore offers you the best quality waffle robes at the most affordable price and wholesale. Also, personalization is available for our bathrobes, we can embroider your creation!

Short Waffle Robes

Our Bulk Short Waffle Robes are perfect for home, spa or sauna since they are knee-length they provide practical usage. Our fine short waffle robes do not irritate your skin because they offer a soft feeling. The material we use provide incredible comfort while absorbing water quickly.

Short Waffle Robes featuring 3/4 sleeves, two patch pockets, and they are available in a wide variety of colors. White waffle robes are always classic and can be used everywhere like poolside, home, after gym, and our women's waffle kimono knee-length white bathrobe is the same. Also, there are very stylish colors like lavender, turquoise, navy and more. You should look at our waffle kimono knee-length lavender bathrobe, waffle kimono knee-length turquoise bathrobe and the others from Short Waffle Robes.

Long Waffle Robes

Our Wholesale Long Waffle Robes are lightweight, practical to use and they keep you warm with long style. These Long Waffle Robes are ideal for spa, sauna and daily use at home. Long waffle robes can keep you warm at home or outside on chilly days. We have different kinds of bathrobes in various styles such as Kimono Style or Velour Shawl.

Long Waffle Robes are suitable for both daily use at home and outside areas such as spa, pool and jacuzzi thanks to being lightweight. We provide comfortable and soft long waffle robes like Men’s Lightweight Spa Navy Bathrobe, and Women’s Waffle Velour Shawl Bathrobe is also very comfortable and stylish with its velour collars. Shawl collar provides an elegant look and practical use and quick drying. We also have classic shape kimono style women’s bathrobe like Women's Long Waffle Lavender Bathrobe. Don’t forget to look for our stylish and high-quality Wholesale Long Waffle Robes.

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